5729 Creek Mill Way
Glen Allen, VA 23059

I work in the Academic Learning Transformation Lab (ALT Lab) at Virginia Commonwealth University as the Associate Director of Learning Innovation. In this role I am part of a team focusing on working with faculty to integrate technology in interesting and powerful ways. I'm currently in the unique position to help set our vision for innovation and online learning while working with faculty to build the relationships and tools needed to get there.

Recent Work of Note

World Languages OER

A multi-stage departmental project with Dr. Kathryn Murphy-Judy (Coordinator of Foreign Languages) to plan and build engaging multimedia-driven content. The work was featured in Inside Higher Ed, an internal funding award, and a conference presentation.

Additional information about this project and more OER work is available at Open Content Creation at VCU.

Student Portfolios

A multi-year project implementing WordPress portfolios as a major element in our first-year student curriculum, GLOBE education program, Digital Sociology, and other programs. We currently have over 27,000 sites on our WordPress multi-site.

Read much more about this project at What is Rampages? Part I and What is Rampages? Part II.


A course (online & face-to-face) at Kansas State University led by Dr. Michael Wesch and Ryan Klataske. This course focuses on involving students in experiential multi-modal work and presenting that work in ways that deepen engagement.

While this course continues to evolve, the ANTH101 Rebirth post gives a view of how the technology supports key pedagogical concepts.

Recent Presentations

You Can't Do That on WordPress

Presentation at NMC Summer 2017

This presentation focused on doing things with WordPress that you might not expect with a focus on front-end submissions, structuring data, plotting posts on maps, and other non-standard possibilities. You can see the whole WordPress presentation here.

Visualizing Community for Domain of One's Own

Presentation at #Domains 2017

A presentation done in partnership with Marie Selvanadin and Dr. Yianna Vovides (Georgetown University) that delved into the entwined pedagogical and technological needs that help create a cohesive programmatic whole out of the myriad pieces in a Domain of One's Own initiative.

Running Multisite like a Boss

Presentation at #Domains 2017

For nearly two years I was the sole support for our 25,000 member WordPress site. I was also still providing custom development work and consultations for faculty. This presentation documents some ways I found to survive and thrive in this scenario. You can also read a review from someone who attended.



I've taught classes from kindergarten to graduate school, from alternative schools to small liberal arts colleges, face-to-face, blended, and online.

  • Co-developing and co-teaching Data Visualization for Sociologists (online course) with Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom - Spring 2017
  • Co-developed and co-taught VCU's first Digital History (HIST 691-901) course with Dr. Ryan Smith - Spring 2016
  • Develop and implement programs and workshops on diverse topics for VCU faculty


I get things done in whatever language/platform I need to use but have significant experience in . . .

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • APIs - Slack, WordPress, Google, YouTube, Instagram etc.
  • WordPress - administration and creation of custom plugins, themes
  • Google Apps/Drive - creation of custom Google Scripts to make life more pleasant for people


Through the years I've also developed a good deal of experience in . . .

  • Photography and Photo Editing
  • Video and Video Editing
  • Presentation Design
  • 3D Printing


Public Work

I try to give back to the communities that have helped me. That includes public documentation, Creative Commons licensing, and volunteering.

Corporate Recognition

While I've come to have mixed feelings about these things . . .

  • Discovery Education - Beyond the Textbook - 2013
  • Dell - MIT Education Think Tank - 2012
  • Dell - K12 Advisory Committee - 2012
  • Dell - Personalized Learning Platform Advisory - 2012
  • Apple Distinguished Educator - 2007

Previous Employment

Henrico County Public Schools

Prior to VCU, I was the Director of Instructional Technology for Henrico County Public Schools in Richmond, Virginia. My focus was determining the professional development, technologies, and curriculum needed to improve learning in a district with 50,000 students and 67 physical locations. I was involved in numerous grants and district initiatives. I also supervised a distributed team of around 45 individuals.

Big Picture

I have worked across the spectrum in education. This lends a unique perspective and deeper empathy for all involved. I've attended and taught at large R1 state schools and small private liberal arts universities. I have worked with medical school professors and kindergarten teachers. I have taken and taught online and face-to-face courses. In particular, my experience teaching in an alternative middle school setting began a focus on technology as a way to open possibilities and differentiate for students that has been a driving force ever since.



Virginia Commonwealth University
Certificate in Teaching
University of Richmond
Bachelor of Arts - History


I completed 12 hours of a Master's in Liberal Arts degree from the University of Richmond that included painting, the modern Middle East, and poetry.