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I am passionate about education and have spent the last ten years focused on pedagogical reform and technology integration in K12 and higher ed. My experience includes private and public institutions in addition to non-profit work running a Boys & Girls Club. My interests are varied and include multimedia creation, data visualization, constructivist learning, history, poetry, WordPress, and photography.

Concordia Cum Veritate

  • You can find my blog focused on the intersection of culture, design, media, technology, and pedagogy at
  • I am very interested in photography. You can see some of that work on my flickr account. Additionally, I photographed VMI’s football team for a while and you can see a small sample of that work here.
  • My online bookmarking account is here. It spans both personal and professional interests (that line is a blurry one in any case). At the time that I’m recording this there are 7,753 links recorded from 2005 until the present. That’s a fair amount of insight into my interests and proclivities.
  • Here is my Twitter account. While the content can be trivial at times, the connections to other educators are real and important.